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Kabbalah Concepts - Rabbi Raphael Afilalo

Kabbalah Concepts - Rabbi Raphael Afilalo

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Introductory and advanced concepts of the Kabbalah.

The study of Kabbalah involves a good comprehension of its general idea, as well as its concepts. The Kabbalah explains often allegorically, the beginning of creation as well as all the dynamic systems that are put in place to interact with man, and for the guidance of the worlds. These systems make us understand the purpose of our actions, their interactions with the superior realms, the hidden messages and meanings in the Torah.
With a deeper understanding of the reasons and goals of all these actions, one could definitely ascend to a higher level of service and closeness to his Creator.

~~~ Please look inside for table of content.

By: Rabbi Raphael Afilalo | Publisher: Kabbalah Editions - Montreal | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 280 | Binding: Soft |

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