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Kerem Shlomo

Kerem Shlomo

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The primary material studied in the Yeshivot dedicated to the study of Torah-Kabbalah is the Kitvei Ari, where the central piece is the Etz Chayim "Tree of Life". This is an extremely complex, large, deep, and awesome repository of all Kabbalah and the myriads of novelties of his system recorded by Rabbi Chayim Vital, the Arizal's foremost student. Requiring many years of dedication to master it, in time, a few but highly substantial commentaries appeared from the later rabbis attempting to elucidate the Etz Chayim, as well as the other parts of the Kitvei Ari. 

One such more recent commentary came from the famous kabbalist Rabbi Salman Mordechai Tzemach Eliyahu. This master treatise and commentary called Kerem Shlomo "Salomon's Vineyard" on the Etz Chayim of the Arizal was published at the beginning of the 20th century, while Rabbi Eliyahu lived in Israel. 

Now, through this pioneer and meticulous translation, also with elucidations on the Kerem Shlomo, Rav Avraham Chachamovits brings a real "taste" of such great commentary on the Etz Chayim (with its included translation as well), something unheard of in the long history of Kabbalah. The hope is that this will open new pathways for the students of Kabbalah in English, elevating them to new heights in their understanding and Torah faith.

Rabbi Avraham Chachamovits

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