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Kid Sisters 1-3

Kid Sisters 1-3

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Meet the Kid Sisters. Three great kids. Three great stories.

Sarah has a problem. She can’t read or write. She has an even bigger problem. She hasn’t told anybody that she can’t. And when she gets caught cheating on a test, her problem becomes enormous! Find out how the Kid Sisters help her meet the challenge in The I Can’t Cope Club.

Something is bothering Naomi Kaufman. She hates being the tallest girl in her class, and the clumsiest. She feels pretty bad, until her friends come to the rescue. In The Treehouse Kids, Naomi learns just how good she can be.

Rivky Segal has a great idea. But like so many of her ideas, it doesn’t quite work out the way she planned. Join the laughter as we read about Rivky’s Great Idea.

ISBN 9781614656852 I Cover type : Hardcover I Pages : 296

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