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Kids Speak COMICS #2

Kids Speak COMICS #2

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Operation "Watery Justice"
Binyamin can't stand to see an injustice done. He's ready to stand up for what's fair, even if he's punished for it. He's always sure he's right-until he finds out that things aren't always what they seem.
Alexander's family moves, and he enters a new school. At first, no one pays any attention to him except for one boy, Gabi. A few months later, though, Alexander must choose between wanting to be accepted by the class leaders and his responsibility to show gratitude.
The Cave Man
Eli and his friends find a hidden cave. Inside, they discover "the Cave Man." Later, after Eli and his friends hear the Cave Man's tragic life story, they're ashamed of how they treated him and decide to help him.

Author Chaim Walder I Illustrator Malki I Dimensions 9X12 I ISBN 9781680254921 I Number of pages 57 I Binding type Hard Cover I Publisher Distibuted by Feldheim

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