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Know Your Bible #1 Yehoshua Shoftim

Know Your Bible #1 Yehoshua Shoftim

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KNOW YOUR BIBLE is a clear, easy-to-read and inspiring commentary that brings the original texts of the Hebrew Prophets and Holy Writings to life, with a digest of the classic rabbinical commentators and insights from Hasidim and Kabbalah, accompanied by overviews of each book, full historical, topographical and other background information and chapter by chapter, verse by verse analysis, throwing light on even the most obscure portions of the texts, demonstrating their vital contemporary relevance. KNOW YOUR BIBLE is suffused with the author's passionate, infectious love of the Hebrew Bible and its wisdom, the people of Israel and their land. Volume One covers the books of Joshua to Kings.

Author: Avraham Greenbaum I ISBN: 9780995656062 I Format: Paperback I Length: 204 pages

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