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Koren Tanakh LeMetayel

Koren Tanakh LeMetayel

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The Koren Tanakh LeMetayel - The Tanakh that brings the stories of the bible to life as you travel through the land of Israel. 
Reading the biblical text in the place where it was happened, elevates and deepens the learning experience on the one hand, and charges the biblical text with new meanings on the other hand.

Each Koren Tanakh LeMetayel comes in a case containing:
- A classic Koren Tanakh with innovative references to the dedicated guide book.
- A special travel guide with itineraries, information on flora, fauna, and archeological findings from the biblical period and all with references to the place where they are mentioned in the Bible.
- A map with the borders of the biblical land including biblical cities.
- A specially designed, comfortable carrying bag that allows you to consult the Tanakh while out on tiyul.

In every corner of Israel, a piece of history is waiting to be uncovered by you!

This is a Hebrew product.  

Language Hebrew I Binding Hardcover (Tanakh) Paperback (guidebook) I Number of Pages 1304

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