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Letter of Consolation of MaImon

Letter of Consolation of MaImon

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This volume is a translation of encouragement written by the father of the Rambam, Rabbi Maimon. 

Its purpose was to strengthen the weakened spirits of Rabbi Maimon's brethren during this long golus. The original manuscript was found in Oxford and was printed in Paris in 1566. 

The Letter of Maimon served as a protective shield and anchor to the Jews of his time who were forced to live as Marranos and to enter strange prayer houses. How very crucial are the relevant words of fortitude and strength of Rebbe Maimon. 

How suitable are they in reaching out to our brothers in an attempt to lift their spirits and strengthen them. Indeed this letter is addressed to us individually and collectively.

By: Dr. Fred Rosner

Author: Dr. Fred Rosner,Dimensions: 6" X 9",Format: Hardcover,Length: 118 I Published by : The Maimonides Reseach Institute

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