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Levush Malchut - Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe (7 vol.)

Levush Malchut - Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe (7 vol.)

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(Sefer HaLevushim)While still in his youth, Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe (1530-1612) had the idea to compile a book on Jewish law, which would be used for enabling the making of halachic decisions. When the "Beit Yosef" and afterward "Shulchan Aruch" were published by Rabbi Yosef Caro (along with the "Mapa", which are the glosses and addenda of the Rema) – R' Mordechai found them to be missing in several areas, particular in that the did not include the customs which were accepted among the Jews of the Ashkenazic (i.e. Germanic) lands and Eastern Europe. He compiled a work on practical halacha, with the additions of reasons behind various halachic decisions according to reasoning and earlier sources. This work was called "Levush Malchut", which was divided into ten sections known as "levushim" gave him his pseudonym "Baal HaLevushim".

With hagahot by Rabbi Avraham Azulai.

~~~ Please look inside for more details about this fascinating work.

By: Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe | Publisher: Zikaron Aharon | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 7 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 10" X 7.5 inch. |

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