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Magid Devarav LeYaakov - Likutei Amarim

Magid Devarav LeYaakov - Likutei Amarim

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New edition of the classic collection of chasidic teachings by Rabbi DovBer (The Great Maggid) of Mezeritch, originally compiled by his disciple Rabbi Shlomo of Lotzk. 

This edition features a thoroughly researched and copiously annotated comparison to other collections of Rabbi Dov Ber`s teachings, as well as a full index. 

Edited by veteran chasidic scholar Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet. 

A special addendum to this volume: A full anthology of Rabbi Dov Ber`s teachings as recorded and elaborated on in the writings of the seven Chabad Rebbes, compiled by Rabbi Aharon Leib Raskin. 

Maggid Devorov is a companion volume to Or Torah also by the Great Maggid.


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