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Magna Carta

Magna Carta

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Little Dan finds himself in big trouble. 

Sir Hugo will do anything to get out of paying his debts to Rav Yaakov, Dan's father.

He's even willing to go behind King John's back and imprison Dan's whole family in the London Tower.

Little Dan escapes London, looking for King John so he could ask for his help. Will he succeed?
He's so little...

Will Aharon, his big brother, come back in time from Scotland?

Why did the Scots invade London?

What is the Magna Carta?

And is English tea better than whiskey?

This new, thrilling story by Batsheva Ingber teaches us that a little boy can achieve big results and that compliments, consideration and compromise bring much better results than a punch in the nose.



Batsheva Ingber (Havlin)

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