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Maharal of Prague - Divine Power (2 vol.)

Maharal of Prague - Divine Power (2 vol.)

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Rabbi Yehudah Loew (1512-1609), better known as the The Maharal of Prague, lived over 400 years ago, yet he made significant contributions to contemporary Torah thought. Although popularly remembered in Jewish folklore as the creator of the Golem, his philosophical and analytical works constitute his real legacy to all generations.

In The Book of Divine Power, the Maharal focuses on the Exodus - an unparalleled event in human history, the cataclysmic episode which transformed the Children of Israel from a nation of slaves to a Nation of Priests. It was at that moment that Hashem reached into the fiery crucible of Mitzrayim and extracted pure gold. Israel was privileged to witness His miracles and His might, and commanded to recall for eternity all they had experienced.

Through the profound and far-reaching insights of the Maharal, we draw one step closer to properly observing His commandment and understanding the scope of His infinite might.
Edited and translated by Shlomo Mallin. 1995 edition.

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By: Rabbi Yehudah Loew of Prague - Maharal | Publisher: Horev Publishers / Jerusalem | Language: English | Volumes: 2 | Pages: 704 | Binding: Hard |

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