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Man and Beast

Man and Beast

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Our Relationships with Animals in Jewish Law and Thought.

"Rabbi Natan Slifkin's new book, Man and Beast, offers a comprehensive view of Judaism's attitude and concern towards the animal world. It is skillfully researched and it is a thoroughly enjoyable read on a subject that otherwise could be considered arcane. There is great information and wonderful insights provided into the worldview of Judaism and its relationship to the other creatures that inhabit God's world with us humans." — Rabbi Berel Wein

Man and Beast presents a comprehensive Jewish perspective on our relationship with the animal kingdom. From the blessings to be recited when visiting the zoo, to understanding what exactly sets us apart from animals, to the issues involved in keeping pets - an entire framework is presented.

By: Rabbi Natan Slifkin | Publisher: Zoo Torah | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 266 | Binding: Hard |

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