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Meorei HaNachal - Breslov

Meorei HaNachal - Breslov

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Amazing lessons from Breslov.

A two volume collection of the famous journal "Meor Hanachal"-published from time to time-beginning from Tishrei 5754 (1994) and ending Teves 5761 (2001).These publications are a true treasure chest featuring articles of everlasting interest to Breslover Chasidim.Interviews with the greatest contemporary mashpiyim,revelation of historical documents,biographies of the Gedolei Anash accompanied by rare photographs,are just some of the many topics included.,All are professionally written yet accessible to anyone.Printed on glossy paper and bound with a sturdy and attractive binding, it can serve as an exquisite gift.

Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 1 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 8.5 inch. X 11 inch. |

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