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Mesilas Hamaharsha - 5 Megillos

Mesilas Hamaharsha - 5 Megillos

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Rabbi Eliezer Ginsburg, Rosh Kollel of Yeshivas Mir, has combed the Chiddushei Aggados of Maharsha and turned them into a commentary on the Torah, complete with his own brilliant explanations and comments. The result is a "new" work with the full text of the Maharsha's comments, compiled and clearly explained, in Hebrew, including the text of the Megillos and Rashi.

,,Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 240 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 11 inch. X 8.5 inch. | Published: April 2013 | ISBN-13: 9781422613719 |

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