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Messianic Temple: Understanding Ezekiel`s Prophecy

Messianic Temple: Understanding Ezekiel`s Prophecy

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More than 2400 years ago, the Prophet Ezekiel was shown a vision of a future Temple to which all the nations on earth would ascend in everlasting peace and harmony. A fine trickle of water flows from under the threshold of the Holy of Holies in this Temple, eventually becoming a great river whose waters heal every wound and sickness. The river then flows to the Mediterranean and sweetens all the oceans of the world, making them drinkable. This is the Messianic Temple.
The key to the construction of this Temple is learning its design, a process considered the first stage of building it. But this study was neglected throughout the ages because the chapters describing the Third Temple (Ezek. 40-48) are difficult and confusing. But in recent years, new light has enabled us to begin to understand Ezekiels vision of the Messianic Temple.
Now, after a decade of research, Rabbi Chaim Clorfene has given us a major work that explains every detail of Ezekiel`s vision of the Third Temple. The Messianic Temple presents the last nine chapters of the Book of Ezekiel, verse by verse, in the original Hebrew with a new English translation and classic commentaries. Over 200 color diagrams and 3D illustrations make it possible for everyone to learn Ezekiel`s design and understand it...easily! Now, we can begin to build the Third Temple.

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Publisher: Menora Books | Language: English | Pages: 260 | Volumes: 1 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 8.5 inch. X 10.5 inch. |Item is out of print.Only 2 Copies Left!

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