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Mevaser Tov: Maamar Techias HaMeisim (English)

Mevaser Tov: Maamar Techias HaMeisim (English)

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Look behind the tapestry of human suffering in this collection of sensitively-written essays from the Biala Rebbe, Shlita. Perhaps one of the most difficult concepts faced by mortal man, suffering and pain are often catalysts for personal awareness and spiritual growth--if framed in a proper perspective. Through parables, stories, comforting words, and Torah thoughts, the Rebbe opens our eyes to the hidden opportunities suffering presents and gives tools for coping. The focus of the book--miraculous stories of recovery and salvation give courage and inspiration to all.

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Publisher: Megama Publishing | Author: The Biala Rebbe | Language: English | Pages: 393 | Volumes: 1 | Binding: Hard |

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