Mind Games

Mind Games

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A Suspense Novel

Benjy Romano, a scientist and a baal teshuvah living in Bnei Brak, makes an amazing scientific breakthrough one night...and immediately becomes a fugitive pursued by unidentified dangerous criminals.
Bruno Gonzloff, Israeli organized crime boss, announces an exhibition of his private paintings, drawing his sworn enemy, Chief Superintendent Tani Ben-Shabbat, into the fray.
Marwan Al-Bakri, an Arab from the city of Taibeh, embarks on a perilous project to replace his dreary life with a life of heroism.
And in the distant past, Nahorai ben Shlomo, exiled from Spain, lands on foreign shores. His survival is imperative, as he is the last guardian of a valuable secret.

NEW! From the author of Pillars of Smoke

By P. Scharff

Author: P. Scharff I Dimensions: 6"x 9" I Format: Hardcover I ISBN: 978-1-60091-838-4 I Length: 497 I Publisher: Tfutza Publications

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