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Mishnah Kehati Vol. 2 - Shevi'it, Terumot, Ma'aserot

Mishnah Kehati Vol. 2 - Shevi'it, Terumot, Ma'aserot

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These tractates, listed above, cover (respectively) the subjects of the Sabbatical year, the gifts due to Cohanim, and the tithes given to the Levites.

In the original Hebrew, The Kehati Mishnah has become one of the most popular and respected Mishnahs available. His clear and cogent commentary, based on classical and contemporary works, has made the Mishnah accessible to all. In this translation, the Hebrew text of the Mishnah is presented along with its English translation, as well as a translation of the commentary of Rabbi Kehati. Each tractate is introduced with an overview of its contents, including historical and legal background material. Each mishnah is prefaced by a thematic introduction.

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By: Rabbi Pinchas Kehati | Publisher: Feldheim | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 358 |

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