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Navi Illustrated #4, Shoftim Chap 2-3

Navi Illustrated #4, Shoftim Chap 2-3

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A Pasuk by Pasuk Narrative

Turn Navi into an awesome learning experience!

Navi Illustrated lifts graphic storytelling to new heights as the inspiring stories of Navi come alive.

Fast-paced, adventure-filled sagas, told in a dynamic, graphic format, will capture the exhilarating stories in Navi and turn them into incredible learning experiences.

The first two volumes cover the story of Gideon. This innovative approach to Sefer Shoftim will excite, educate, and inspire as it introduces readers of all ages to one of the Torah's most heroic leaders.

Volume 4 covers Shoftim Chapters 2-3, the story of Ehud.
Watch for more volumes to come!

by Shlomo Mermelstein,Dimensions: 6X9 Weight: 0.3 lbs Binding: Paperback / 66 pages

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