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Not Easily Severed

Not Easily Severed

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When Rabbi Yeshaya Barkoff passes away, a lot of things happen at once.

Wishing to honor his final request, his wife Tzivia and his three grown daughters make their way to Eretz Yisrael for his kevurah, planning to take the next flight back and sit shivah at home. But a huge storm cancels their flights, leaving the bereaved ladies to spend the week of mourning in a rented apartment in Jerusalem.

Not even a day passes before the first secret marches into the shivah house, speaking a foreign language and shattering assumptions. 

Soon after, Tzivia is shocked to learn that she's the proud owner of a beautiful home in the heart of the Bukharan section of Jerusalem - a home she had no idea existed.

What of Rav Yedidya? Will he ever marry? And whom?

And in the middle of all the exploding secrets, readers of Against the Wind will be reunited with Rafi, the lovable nudnik, who ends up - through every effort of his own - in the thick of it all.

Cry, laugh, and gnash your teeth in frustration along with the Barkoffs, as they slowly discover that their beloved, departed patriarch was far wiser than he let on - and that, truly, so many ties are not easily severed.

NEW! From the author of Bringing Mordy HomeAcquired ImmunityField of Dreams, and other compelling titles.

by Miriam Luxenberg

Author: Miriam Luxenberg I Dimensions: 6" X 9" I Format: Hardcover I ISBN: 979-8-88673-052-4 I Length: 276 I Media: Book I Publisher: Tfutza Publications

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