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Pirkei Avot - Ethics of our Fathers (Russian)

Pirkei Avot - Ethics of our Fathers (Russian)

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This edition of Pirkei Avot includes a new lucid Russian translation and brief commentaries, it’s a handy companion for those who wish to cover a chapter a week during the Omer period and throughout the summer.

Both the Hebrew and Russian has been entirely reset in a clear, crisp typeface. In addition the Russian translation, while still based on the original edition, has been entirely revised to read even more smoothly.

Translated by Rabbi N.Z. Rapoport. It features nuggets of salient commentaries from classical – Rashi and Rav Ovadiah M'Bartenura – to contemporary sources, especially those of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

This book is geared for all Jews, no matter what their educational or observance level. The ethical teachings within Pirkei Avot are a breath of fresh air in a world that has grown increasingly muddled and complacent with the lowest common denominator of behavior.

Great for use in a synagogue or home setting and makes for a great gift.

Format: 6x9 Hardcover, 192 pp.,Language: Hebrew/Russian,ISBN 13: 978-0-86639-031-6

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