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Priorities in Tzedaka

Priorities in Tzedaka

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When it comes to giving charity, there are many aspects we need to clarify in order to do it properly. How much should we give? To whom are we required to give? How do we prioritize between the endless calls, mailings and other solicitations that we receive on a daily basis? Is providing food for hungry orphans thousands of miles away in Israel more important than supporting a local yeshiva that lacks sufficient funds?

Priorities in Tzedaka is a practical guide that offers a deep understanding of the concept of tzedaka as well as the best way to organize one's own charitable giving. Noted author and lecturer Rabbi Moshe Goldberger masterfully clarifies our halachic obligation to give tzedaka by outlining the sources from Tanach (Bible), Talmud, the Rishonim and the Acharonim (early and later halachic decisors).

The road to proper giving is complex and therefore requires analysis to develop a thoughtful and effective program for each person. You have to consider who you are -- what are your motives and your means. You have to think about what kinds of causes you want to give more to and why. You need to learn how to evaluate causes and organizations and how to gauge your level of giving.

This book will inspire you to attain a higher level of giving no matter the monetary amount.

Moshe Goldberger

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