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Prophecy & Providence

Prophecy & Providence

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When one compares the events of Jewish History to the ancient Biblical prophecies which foretell Israel's future, the amazing correlation leaves no room for doubt; From the heights of national glory to Destruction and Exile, through the long Diaspora to our own pre-Messianic times, the endurance and survival of Israel and Torah was prophesied in its entirety, down to the finest detail. The Hand of Providence is manifest throughout, guiding the miraculous course of Jewish History from its beginnings at the dawn of history to the coming Redemption.

Author: Rabbi Meir Simcha Sokolovsky | Publisher: Kest Leibovits Jewish Heritage | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Binding: Soft | Pages: 235 | Dimensions: 8.5 inch. X 5.5 inch. |

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