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Psalms with the Jerusalem Commentary (3 vol.)

Psalms with the Jerusalem Commentary (3 vol.)

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The Psalms with the Jerusalem Commentary is a translation of the classic Da'at Mikra commentary on Tanach from premier Israeli publisher Mossad Harav Kook. This beautiful three-volume set belongs in every Jewish home and library!

It features:

A comprehensive introduction to the volume, presenting an overview of the book's authorship, its religious motifs and literary style, as well as an analysis of the various kinds of psalms

The Hebrew text in accordance with the Aleppo Codex, considered to be the most authentic Hebrew manuscript of this biblical book in existence

A new English translation of the Hebrew text that, while reflecting traditional translations with which the reader may be familiar, nonetheless occasionally deviates from these earlier translations in order to incorporate the commentator's interpretation of a particular verse

An introduction to each psalm pointing to the themes that the reader will encounter

The central commentary, which presents alternate classic as well as innovative understandings of each verse, founded on:
Talmudic and Midrashic interpretations
Classic medieval and modern commentaries
A profound knowledge of biblical Hebrew
A careful analysis of the meaning of each word of the text
The grammar and syntax of the verse
The cantillation notes
The comparison of a particular word or verse with parallel sources throughout the Bible
The philological identification of Hebrew words with similar terms in both ancient and modern Semitic languages
A knowledge of Middle East life and society

Photographs and drawings of fauna, flora, musical instruments, stone engravings and archaeological artifacts illustrating life in the biblical period

Maps delineating the geographical background of events that are referred to in certain psalms

Numbered notes at the bottom of each page that present the reader with:
The primary sources upon which many of the commentary's explanations were based
Additional information about subjects and terms referred to in the commentary
An analysis of the grammar and syntax of the Hebrew text
References to other source material that may interest the reader
Additional understandings of the text

An extensive summary at the end of each psalm analyzing the narrative and moral lessons conveyed therein. Teachers often suggest to their students to read the introduction and summary before studying the commentary and notes.

A glossary of names, expressions and technical terms used in the commentary and notes.

~~~ Please look inside.

Publisher: Mosad HaRav Kook | Language: English | Volumes: 3 | Pages: 1429 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 11 inch. X 8.5 inch. |

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