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Purim - Season of Miracles - A Hashkafah-Mussar perspective

Purim - Season of Miracles - A Hashkafah-Mussar perspective

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Pursues a Midrashic approach to the Purim festival, citing many oft-neglected insights and interpretations of our Sages, drawn largely from Esther Rabbah and other Rabbinic sources. Easy to read, it brings a message of hope and bitachon in the eternal Guardian of Israel, a sorely-needed message for our troubled times. Includes the entire Megillah text in Hebrew.

Chapters include:
Purim, A Historical Persepective
Torah Readings - Parshas Zachor and Purim
Two World-Views in Collision
The Purim Drama- A Midrashic Approach
Purim – A Guiding Light for Generations

Author: Rabbi Zechariah Fendel I Format: Paperback I Publisher: Feldheim

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