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Rabbi Saadia Gaon - Emunot V'Deot (Beliefs and Opinions)

Rabbi Saadia Gaon - Emunot V'Deot (Beliefs and Opinions)

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A famous philosophical work by one of the last Geonim in Babylonia,Rabbi Saadia Gaon (882-942). Written originally in Arabic and later translated into Hebrew by the Ibn Tibbon family and Rabbi Yosef Kapach.
In this book, Rabbi Saadia Gaon attempts to reconcile Judaism with the philosophical thinking of Aristotle and Plato, his goal being to bring assimilated Jews back to Torah and halakha. Rabbi Saadia demonstrates that the teachings of the Torah will stand the test of logical inquiry. He offers unassailable proofs that the universe was created exnihilo - out of nothing, that the Creator is One, that man has a soul, that the Torah was given to the Jewish people by God on Mount Sinai, and that man has the freedom to choose between good and evil and receives reward or retribution accordingly.

The book includes the original Arabic text.

~~~ Please look inside.

By: Rabbi Saadia Gaon | Publisher: Machon Mishnat HaRambam | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 352 | Binding: Hard |

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