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Samarkand Comic Story [Hardcover]

Samarkand Comic Story [Hardcover]

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The Adventures of a Jewish Boy in Russia Comic Series

Under the noses of the strict KGB agents, the Samarkand Underground achieves the unbelievable: an underground yeshiva, mitzvos fulfilled b'hiddur, observance of the festivals and special days on the Chassidic calendar, all in a unique atmosphere that remains unparalleled to this day.

In all these adventures, the figure of Reb Avrohom Zaltzman is prominently interwoven throughout all of the Underground's history and upheavals - from the most difficult and fearful moments, to the delightful and fortunate outcome, with Hashem's help.

Get a close-up look at the guidance and special relationship he merited to have with the Rebbeim, advice of chassidim and colleagues, one-of-a-kind experiences, and his trademark way of dealing with any problem that arose, with mesiras nefesh and Ahavas Yisroel swelling from the depths of his heart.

Based on the memoirs of his son Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman, as described in his best-seller "Samarkand - The Underground With a Far-Reaching Impact."

Hillel Zaltzman

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