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Schottenstein Edition Kinnos / Tishah B'av Siddur - Sefard

Schottenstein Edition Kinnos / Tishah B'av Siddur - Sefard

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The revolutionary Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Series

View the Hebrew text and its English translation simultaneously.
ArtScroll's patented arrow system gently guides the eye, directing it in the proper direction.
Want to know just what a word or phrase means? Just look down, follow the arrows, and continue reading!

The Interlinear Kinnos

Finally, you can understand them as you say them!

The Kinnos, the liturgical poems lamenting the destruction of the Temple, are haunting, beautiful, touching - and so hard to understand. Now, for the first time, you can recite the Kinnos in Hebrew, and use ArtScroll's patented interlinear system to understand words and phrases.

The Interlinear Kinnos includes:

Complete interlinear prayer service for Tisha B'Av (the 9th of Av, marking the Destruction)
Complete interlinear Megillas Eichah (Lamentations)
Complete interlinear Kinnos
Torah readings for Tisha B'Av
Laws of the fast
Clear instructions

ISBN-13: 9781422610985,Binding: Hardcover,Dimensions: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 / Weight: 1.70 LBS,Published: July 2011 by ArtScroll / Mesorah,

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