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Secrets of the Magen David

Secrets of the Magen David

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The origins and history of the Magen David is shrouded in mystery. How it became the premier Jewish symbol today is a fascinating subject, entailing a deeper than usual understanding of Jewish history. This book traces the development of the Magen David as a Jewish symbol and offers a unique explanation that is quite contrary to the standard view. Along with this intriguing history, Secrets of the Magen David offers the reader an in-depth exploration of the deeper spiritual meanings and symbolism of this deceptively simple form and how it reveals a host of basic Jewish teachings, especially its mystical tradition.

By: Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman | Publisher: Ohr Chadash | Pages: 190 | Volumes : 1 | Format: Hard Cover | ISBN: 9789659171613 |

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