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Seder Olam : Critical Edition, Commentary & Introduction (Chaim Milikowsky)

Seder Olam : Critical Edition, Commentary & Introduction (Chaim Milikowsky)

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Professor Chaim Milikowsky of the Bar Ilan Talmud department, began working on the Seder Olam over thirty years ago and completed his PhD dissertation 'Seder Olam : A Rabbinic Chronography' in Yale University 1981 with Professor Shnayer Zalman Leiman serving as his thesis advisor.

This edition was just printed by the Yad Ben Zvi Press and is comprised of two large volumes. Volume one contains a two hundred and fourteen page general introduction about the Seder Olam, along with the one hundred and seven page critical, synopsis edition of the Seder Olam, based on numerous manuscripts and Genizah fragments. Volume two contains a seven hundred and eleven page(!) commentary, and is thoroughly indexed. This work is incredible on all fronts; in depth and breadth, touching upon anything related to the Seder Olam. It appears that literally every letter of this Tannaitic work has been dealt with. In addition to the scholarly acumen invested in the introduction and commentary, this work serves as an excellent model for preparing critical editions of works of Chazal.

By: Professor Chaim Milikowsky | Publisher: Yad Ben Zvi Press - Jerusalem | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 2 | Pages: 1040 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 11 inch. X 8 inch. | ISBN: 9789652173591 |

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