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Sefer Chassidim - R` Yehudah HaChasid (With Mefarshim - 2 vol.)

Sefer Chassidim - R` Yehudah HaChasid (With Mefarshim - 2 vol.)

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This highly acclaimed work by Rabbi Yehudah HaChasid (1150-1217),covers all aspects of Jewish life. This new edition includes commentaries by famous rabbis arranged by HaRav Shimon Gutman.

Capturing the student's attention with parables and anecdotes taken from daily life, Rabbi Yehudah HaChasid imparts the most profound concepts of ethics, prayer with concentration, philosophical themes such as reward and punishment and Divine justice, advice about performing your spiritual work with the outmost joy, and laws for day-to-day living, such as Shabbat and Festivals.

The work has remained a favorite classic. Here and there we find in Sefer Chasidim instructions based on Kabbalah, rather than Halakha, that have gained acceptance.

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By: Rabbi Yehudah HaChasid | Publisher: Otzar HaPoskim | Pages: 984 | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 2 | Binding: Hard |

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