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Sefer HaMidot

Sefer HaMidot

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Sefer Hamidos - The Book of Character (The Book of Traits) was written by the holy and righteous Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. It is an alphabetical listing of character traits, good and bad, with advice for their rectification and how they relate to one another, as well as the attributes of reality, their effects and how they can be manipulated. Sefer Hamidos is composed of two parts; compilation of Part 1 began when Rabbi Nachman was just six years old. This holy book was written to assist individuals seeking to honestly rectify and purify all of their character traits. Rabbi Nachman of Cherin and later Rabbi Tzaddok of Lublin created footnotes for Sefer Hamidot, sourcing the teachings to their origins in different Biblical verses and Rabbinical writings. Rabbi Nachman himself, greatly praised his book crediting it for having made him into a Kosher Jew


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