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Sefirah in Our Lives

Sefirah in Our Lives

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Transforming Our Relationship With Ourselves, With Others, And With Hashem.

A Journey Through Sefiras Ha'omer And Beyond

Making every day count in a way you can feel!

The sefirah period is a unique time for introspection and personal growth. Each of the 49 days is earmarked to develop a specific character trait, thereby emulating HaShem’s Divine Attributes.

Popular lecturer and therapist Chani Juravel offers readers a user-friendly guide that provides a profound yet practical road map for growing through this meaningful journey and beyond. Valuable insights, effective strategies, real-life examples, and daily “calls to action,” promises to transform our relationship with ourselves, with others, and with HaShem.

by Hani Juravel I Dimensions 6 x 9 I ISBN 9781680254990 I Number of pages 240 I ,Binding type Hard Cover I Publisher Feldheim Publishers

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