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Shemoneh Esrei

Shemoneh Esrei

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The Depth and Beauty of Our Daily Tefillah

Three times a day we stand before our Creator and recite Shemoneh Esrei. How can we gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of this powerful prayer?

In this groundbreaking book, Rabbi Zev Leff, rav of Moshav Mattisyahu and renowned lecturer and educator, illuminates and elucidates each word of Shemoneh Esrei. And then he takes us further. Rabbi Leff focuses on the fundamental concepts lying beneath each blessing, guiding us through the Shemoneh Esrei until it is revealed as a map for living. While delving into the words of Shemoneh Esrei, core issues of Judaism are explored:

  • What was the legacy the Avos bequeathed to us?
  • What is true wisdom and how can we attain it?
  • How do we navigate the tricky balance between bitachon, trust in God, and hishtadlus, personal efforts?
  • What are the stages of the final redemption and how will we merit its arrival?
  • What is the nature of gratitude and how do we develop it?

These questions, and many others, are answered with a clarity and depth that will leave you transformed.

Tefillah, prayer, is our key to connection with our Creator, an awesome opportunity we are given three times each day. Use this opportunity to enhance your prayer – and your life.

Rabbi Zev Leff has long been famous for his ability to explain lofty concepts in a clear, tangible manner. Thousands have had their lives immeasurably enhanced by his incisive ideas, his sharp wit, and his crystal-clear hashkafos. Now you too can benefit from his wisdom.

Author: Rabbi Zev Leff | ISBN 978-1-56871-471-4 | Cover type : Hardcover | Pages : 546

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