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Shemoneh Esrei Illuminated

Shemoneh Esrei Illuminated

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“How very proper it is for everyone to learn the meaning of the words for the entire Shemoneh Esrei!”

Mishnah Berurah 101:2

Three times a day, we stand in silent devotion and talk directly to Hashem. There is so much we want to tell Him. But do we really know what we are saying? Rabbi Avrohom Zelig Krohn takes us on a journey through the berachos of the Shemoneh Esrei, and with his fascinating elucidations, insights, and stories, opens our hearts to a deeper and more meaningful prayer.

Change your life through a better understanding and appreciation of the holy words of our Anshei Knesses HaGedolah!

The sefer you are holding will greatly enhance your davening, as it explains exactly what you are asking for in the daily Shemoneh Esrei.

-Rabbi Paysach Krohn

Author Rabbi Avrohom Zelig Krohn I Dimensions 6X9 I ISBN 9781680255096 I Number of pages 160 I Binding type hardcover I Publisher Feldheim Publishers

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