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Sidduro Shel Shabbat - Rabbi Chaim of Chernovitz

Sidduro Shel Shabbat - Rabbi Chaim of Chernovitz

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A vast compendium about the external and internal meaning of matters pertaining to shabbat. By the famous Chassidic leader, Rabbi Chaim of Chernovitz (1760-1816). Many of his expositions are based on the kabbalistic teachings of the Ari and other books of kabbalah.
Rabbi Chaim is sometimes referred to as the ''Ish Shabbat'' / ''Man of the Sabbath.'' Chassidic legend records that he was a head taller on Shabbat than during the rest of the week. Of his three classic works of chassidut, the only one he published in his lifetime is this work about Shabbat. A great book to read on shabbat !!! [vowelized text / menukad]

~~~ Please look inside.

By: Rabbi Chaim of Chernovitz | Publisher: Machon Be'er Chaim | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 2 | Binding: Hard |

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