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Song of the Soul - Introduction to Kabbalah

Song of the Soul - Introduction to Kabbalah

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An introduction to Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism. Drawing on the works of the leading Jewish mystics and based on the approach of the Ari and Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzatto's "Kalach Pitchei Chochma".
It differs from the many other books on the subject in that it is not a detached study but a straightforward description of Kabbalah on its own terms. Going into the twelfth edition, is due to the simplicity of its language and the numerous examples from daily life which clarify mystical concepts and allow readers to incorporate them into their daily lives.
With its 613 mitzvot (commandments), the Pentateuch answers the question, "What should we do?" The Talmud tells us How, and Kabbalah tells us Why, why we should observe the mitzvot and how they affect the purpose of our lives. This book enables us to answer, at least in part, the question that troubles everyone, Why and What For?

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By: Rabbi Yechiel Bar-Lev | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 380 | Binding: Hard |

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