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Super-Agent Gizmo

Super-Agent Gizmo

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A Comic

Meet Gavriel Zalman "Gizmo" Stein, a typical 11-year-old boy. The only difference is that he's a spy for the world's most advanced intelligence agency, the CIA.

Follow Gizmo in a whirlwind of excitement and mystery as, with the help of his pet robot dog Blaze, he tries to uncover a buried treasure, with a sinister enemy at his heels. 

Join our hero Gizmo, his mentor inspector, and his best friend Simcha on an adventure to stop agent X's scheme for world domination. and watch how Gizmo learns that it isn't his brains, talents or Gizmo that can save him; it's only Hashem. 

By: A Dweck
Originally published in The Circle Magazine

Author: A. Dweck I Illustrator: Studio Segalovitz IDimensions: 9" x 11.76" I Format: Hardcover I ISBN: 9781600916397 I Length: 66 I Publisher: Circle Publishing

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