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Tears of Angles

Tears of Angles

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Booklet 1 Chapters 1 - 13
Tears of Angels" takes you on a deep private
investigation of dark international organisations.
A harrowing journey that is traveled across many
It's a frightening journey into the dens of the
darkest forces in the world, where you will discover
their most dangerous secret plots. On this journey
you will learn of the existence of powerful evils that
you never knew existed.
Together with a team of investigators, you will go
on this long journey, and discover the truth brick
by brick...
After traveling long nights over the waves of the
Atlantic Ocean, spending time on the balconies
of bustling towns in New York, searching in dark
tunnels, walking in the long corridors of government
buildings and examining mountains of documents
and research papers in Jerusalem, we will reveal to
you slowly but surely the frightening picture.
"Tears of Angels" is a story of suspense, a story of
dark forces that conspire internationally, however,
different to other stories of suspense - this time
the story is true... This is my story, your story and
the story of millions of other people all over the


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