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Tehilim, Ohel Yosef Yitzchok - Medium Size [Псалмы Давида, большой] - Blue

Tehilim, Ohel Yosef Yitzchok - Medium Size [Псалмы Давида, большой] - Blue

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For centuries the Book of Psalms has been a source of solace in times of need and a source of inspiration in times of joy. A new translation of this beloved part of the Bible, which is so central to Jewish life that much of the daily and Shabbat liturgy is comprised of its verses. Original Hebrew text with Russian translation.

This elegant Hebrew-Russian Tehillim, is perfect for "Saying Tehillim."

Both the Hebrew and Russian was newly typeset in a clear and easy to read font in the classic "Tehilim - Ohel Yosef Yitzchok" format.

Also includes: "The importance of Saying Tehillim", "Kel Moleh Rachamim" & "Kaddish".

Translated by Rabbis Meir Levinov and Michael Koritz. Edited by Mrs. Sima Koritz and Mr. M. Rubin.

Great for use in a synagogue or home setting and makes for a great gift.

Format: 4.5x6.5 Hardcover, 480 pp. Printed on lightweight Bible paper I Language: Hebrew/Russian I ISBN: 978-0-86639-048-4 I Publisher: F.R.E.E. Publishing House

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