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Tehillim Eis Ratzon And Aneni Green

Tehillim Eis Ratzon And Aneni Green

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Tehillim Eis Ratzon-Aneni (combo)

A special combined edition, beautifully produced in one volume. Available in an attractive green polyurethane and classic white.

Now combined as one! Tehillim Eis Ratzon and Aneini! We are proud to present a new edition of Tehillim with a clear, easy-to-follow translation that captures the simple meaning of the words in an elegant, faithful and inspiring rendition. Beautifully designed as a companion volume for Aneni, this volume was designed to be part of a forthcoming two volume gift-set. This Tehillim puts powerful, heartfelt prayer, within every person's reach. Clear typesetting and facing Hebrew/English page format make this an eminently useful volume. A perfect gift for every occasion. Aneni In troubled times and joyous times, this beautiful anthology will help you express your heartfelt prayers. This personal prayer companion, with Hebrew text, contains prayers for one's children, spouse, health and livelihood, as well as prayers to be said at the graves of tzaddikim. Its convenient, compact size and elegant design make it the perfect gift for every occasion. Includes birkas hamazon (Grace After Meals), and Sheva Berachos.

Pages: 736 I Dimensions: 5x7 I Color: Green I Binding: Polyurethane

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