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The Dangerous Journey - A Boy's Adventure In Czarist Russia

The Dangerous Journey - A Boy's Adventure In Czarist Russia

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In the space of one day, fourteen-year Dovid lost his loving parents and became dependent upon the charity of others. In the space of one strange night, the youngster found himself exiled and alone, cut off from his Jewish roots. And thus begins an incredible and dangerous journey in czarist Russia. As Dovid struggles for survival he must face the hatred of an angry anti-Semite. He must elude the guard dog and face the betrayal of a lying rebel. As a beggar, a soldier, and a national hero, Dovid — or Dimitri, as he now calls himself — faces adventure and peril. And all the while, he never forgets the people who he thinks accused him. From a poor but peaceful Jewish home to the battlefields of Russia to the czar’s palace, fourteen-year-old Dovid’s journey is a long, exciting, and dangerous one — and it makes great reading.

Moshe Weinberg

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