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The Journey of Mankind: From Creation to Avraham Avinu by Rabbi Yonason Arenias

The Journey of Mankind: From Creation to Avraham Avinu by Rabbi Yonason Arenias

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A Comprehensive Running Commentary on Parashas Bereishis & Parashas Noach

Would you like to finally understand the account of Creation through the lens of the classic commentators? Would you like to know the story of mankind from its birth until Avraham Avinu’s time?

In this unique work, covering the first 2000 years of mankind, you will get an amazingly clear explanation of the Torah. Step-by-step, through outlines, overviews, and an engaging running commentary (largely narrative), you’ll discover its wondrous breadth and depth.

  • See the big picture and get in depth analyses — you choose how much detail to go into

  • Understand fundamental topics

  • Enjoy reading a really clear, elucidated translation

  •  Explore the main approaches of the commentators

  •  Find clarity and order in the Torah

Includes 550 stimulating questions lining the margins – perfect for the Shabbos table!

  • Why did Hashem create the world?

  • How did Adam and Chavah’s yetzer hara change after they sinned?

  • How did Hashem teach Kayin to repent and elevate himself?

  • Why did humans become weaker after the Flood?

  •  How did Avraham confront his idolatrous world?

Not just another parashah book. Enjoy and understand the Torah like never before!

Praise for Journey of Faith on Sefer Bamidbar by the same author:                                                                                                                                                               

“A masterpiece… It is very inspiring.” —RABBI YISROEL BELSKY ZT”L

“The scope of this work is phenomenal!” —RABBI ZEV LEFF

“Authoritative, insightful, and extremely well presented.” —RABBI BEREL WEIN

“Serious enough to satisfy the mature and sophisticated student, yet laid out with a clarity that makes it accessible even for the younger student” —RABBI AHRON LOPIANSKY

“Moving from the general to the specific… the reader emerges with a real sense of what the text of the Torah actually says and what it is trying to teach.” — RABBI YITZCHAK BREITOWITZ

“Comprehensive, educational, inspiring, yet at the same time and extremely enjoyable read.” —RABBI DOVID KAPLAN

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