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The Shtadlan of Rosheim Volume 2 Comic Story [Hardcover]

The Shtadlan of Rosheim Volume 2 Comic Story [Hardcover]

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Once again, the forces of evil are on the warpath. They are armed with hatred of the Jewish people, fed by lust for revenge, and

burning with an all-consuming animosity toward one man - a shrewd, noble, and courageous man. A scholarly man, but one who also knows how to do battle. A legendary figure who is determined to do whatever it takes to defend the tormented Jews of Germany and their holy books that have been condemned to burning - Rav Yosselman, the Shtadlan of Rosheim.

All the Jewish communities of Renaissance Germany are pinning their hopes on him, from the Jews of Colmar who are threatened with expulsion to the Rav of Frankfurt, who knows that all the sifrei kodesh in the empire are still in danger. Only the Emperor himself can repeal the decree, but a long and dangerous journey, full of obstacles, stands between Rav Yosselman and the Imperial Palace.

Rav Yosselman sets out on the journey, but he is not the only one on the road. His sworn enemy, Johannes the apostate, has his mind set on getting to the Emperor first and setting a terrible trap for Rav Yosselman. Danger is mounting. In the cellars of the Church, plots are being concocted, while in the shuls tears are being shed. In Colmar, there appears to be no salvation on the horizon. And the sands are quickly running through the glass. Royal palaces and ramshackle Jewish villages, lavish banquets and thick, tangled forests, painful betrayal and staunch emunah - these are only part of this work of art, The Shtadlan of Rosheim 2. One-of-a-kind illustrations and sophisticated

drama are interwoven with the events of a little-known historical period, dotted

with episodes of spiritual heroism and the challenge of choosing right over wrong.

Noach Rubin

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