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The Architect - A Step By Step Guide To Self-Building

The Architect - A Step By Step Guide To Self-Building

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Have you ever thought of becoming an architect?

Even if you’ve never dreamed of sketching a blueprint or even building a simple house, this book is for you.

Yes, for you – for every man or woman who aspires to build their best self, a personality structured on a solid foundation, and to take good care of its maintenance. It is for everyone who wants to develop their character and balance their traits so that with the passage of time they will become a more positive person, a person of higher quality, a person who means more to themselves, their family and the world.

In direct, precise language, this book draws clear parallels between a successful architectural project and the building of a human personality, and the conclusions are inescapable. Full of fascinating examples from contemporary life, familiar to everyone in this twenty-first century world, it is eminently relevant. For the icing on the cake, the author offers practical tips on how to start applying, in small steps, the lessons learned in each chapter – and these lessons are rooted in a body of wisdom that is thousands of years old. Very quickly, the reader will find themselves engaged in the timeless are of self-building, and feel the difference it makes.

Author Rony Dayan I Dimensions 6X9 I ISBN 9781680259575 I Number of pages 238 I Binding type Paperback I Weight 0.920000 lbs. I Publisher Distributed by Feldheim

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