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The Beginning of Wisdom - Reshit Chochmah

The Beginning of Wisdom - Reshit Chochmah

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This Book is out of print after many years of hard work we were able to get a copy!!!


This is a Gard cover Ed.


Reshit Chochmah was written by Rabbi Eliahu de Vidas, one of the great kabbalists of 16th century Safed and the foremost student of Rabbi Moshe Cordovero.
The book includes an unabridged translation of the chapter "Gate of Love" from the original Hebrew.

The book explains the preliminaries required to enter the wisdom of Kabbalah. The author offers the reader guidelines to gain access to the high level of Divine awareness that the Holy One expects of His beloved people, Israel.

Translated by Simcha Benyosef, author of Living Kabbalah.

By: Rabbi Eliyahu de Vidas | Publisher: Ktav Publishing | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 458 | Binding: Hard Cover | ISBN: 088125696X |

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