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The Book of Hebrew Script

The Book of Hebrew Script

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This work is one of the most definitive books written on the origin and development of the Hebrew Script. Breaking through almost all fences within which Hebrew paleography has been confined, this work starts at the beginning, forges through the Second Temple period and deals with all the periods following it. The shapes of the letters and their development are documented, described and analyzed. The survey also includes various scripts. Well illustrated with the evolutionary calligraphy of the Ancient Hebrews. The author, Ada Yardeni, received her Ph.D. in ancient Semitic languages, paleography and epigraphy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Includes a wall chart of Ancient and Modern Alphabets.

~~~ Please look inside for table of content and more details.

Publisher: Carta Jerusalem | Authors: Ada Yardeni | Language: English | Pages: 355 | Binding: Hard |Size: 12" X 8.75" inch. |

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