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The Book of Shabbos

The Book of Shabbos

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The 39 forbidden works (melachot) of Shabbat, with color photographs. Many books have been written on the laws of Shabbat. The uniqueness of this books lies in its clear explanation of the most common laws and in its showing the connection to their Mishkan source. To enhance the clarity, the laws have been illustrated with original full color photographs. These photographs aid in understanding the original act in the Mishkan, and its application today. Rabbi Yechiel Michel Stern Shlita, Posek of the Ezrat Torah neighborhood in Jerusalem, put great effort into producing the Hebrew version of this book. He is a well-known master at concretizing Halachah. Rabbi Dovid Oratz, translated and beautifully laid out this book. The result is a book that is pleasing to the eye as well as the mind and that is suitable for all ages.

By: Rabbi Yechiel Michel Stern | Publisher: Ezrat Torah (Yerushalayim) | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 307 | Binding: Hard |out of stock

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