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The Complete Guidebook To Family Purity

The Complete Guidebook To Family Purity

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For Men And Women

In The Complete Guidebook to Family Purity, Rabbi Reuven Epstein guides the readers — from the young bride to the seasoned scholar — through the complex laws of family purity in a refreshingly clear way, navigating the difficult topics with clear conclusions from sources ranging from Shulchan Aruch to modern-day Poskim.

This book explores hundreds of common scenarios and provides answers to almost every question that may arise regarding these precious laws.

Set out in three sections covering basic principles, a more advanced look at the halachos, and answers to relevant questions, The Complete Guidebook to Family Purity is a unique and refreshing book that every Jewish home should have.


“Rabbi Reuven Epstein has compiled a comprehensive guide to all of the halachos on the subject in an organized and clear manner, making the task an enjoyable learning experience and enabling retention of every detail.”

— From the approbation of Rabbi Yitzchok Berkovits

Editor : Rabbi Reuven Epstein I ISBN 9781645709411 I Dimensions 6 X 9 I Number of pages 480 I Publisher Adir Press

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