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The Ethics Complete Set

The Ethics Complete Set

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Keeping to a brief, readable format, Engelberg manages to summarize an array of learned opinions – from more than 80 scholars, each described briefly in the back of the book – to provide perspective and food for thought regarding thorny ethical questions. – Abigail Klein Leichman, Jerusalem Post

Using a plethora of sources, this work often attempts to connect the ideas not only to timeless ethical lessons as its title would suggest, but also to contemporary dilemmas. – Yonatan Horovitz, Jewish Bible Quarterly

Engelberg doesn’t just pose a question and then answer it with the position of one mefaresh [commentator]. Rather, he presents multiple perspectives from both historical and modern authorities, resulting in a well-rounded examination of each subject. – Rabbi Jack Abramowitz,

The questions are those which a thoughtful adult may wonder about while reading the weekly portion, yet are generally not addressed by those classical commentaries who focus on a localized, verse by verse explanation of the text. – Simcha Rosenberg, Jewish Bible Quarterly

In spite of the tremendous amount of attention paid to the weekly portion, the question arises whether the behavior of the typical congregant is affected in any way by what he has heard. There is a saying that people talk a lot about the weather, but no one does anything about it. Similarly, we hear a lot about the parashat ha-shavua, but does it change us in any way? Do we just accumulate information, or do we assimilate the values that it means to inculcate? The Ethics series addresses the ethical questions that emerge from the stories of the five Biblical books. Many people learn these stories when they are too young to ask about their ethical implications. When we revisit these questions in adulthood, we often find the conventional answers are insufficient or require elaboration. Rabbi Dr. Abba Engelberg presents original answers, based on traditional and modern sources, to some of the troubling ethical questions raised in the Bible.

by : Rabbi Dr. Abba Engelberg I Book Cover Type : Paperback I Kodesh Press

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